Blossoming Kesaniitty 

Designed by Lasse Kovanen, Kesäniitty (Summer Meadow) pattern charms with wild meadow flowers and butterflies. Its fresh colours and light watercolour-like look bring plenty of beauty to your home. Lovely in combination with fresh Raita cushion covers and kitchen textiles. See more




Puutarha textile                         

Puutarha (Garden) pattern is all about great moments together. Full of drama and mystery of a garden. Designed by Liina Harju and availabe in cushion covers and textile. See more                                



Pioni brings the Spring                                                                   

Pioni textiles come in three colours; grey, pink and blue and brings the freshness of Spring in to your home in a subtle way. See more



With Love from Posio Finland



Oudkerkhof 38, Utrecht

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