Halla Mug

White 0,3 l

Halla mug is designed by Anu Pentik. It is a beautiful and durable classic, and a familiar sight in many Finnish homes. A bigger mug means more coffee, so you will have a refreshing start for your day. A double handle ensures a tight grip and is a nice detail.

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  • 0,27 kg
  • 0,3 l

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    Material Ceramics
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    Handling instructions Not fast temperature changes, oven proof, microwave oven proof, freezer proof, rinse before dish washer wash, dishwasher proof, suitable for food
    EAN 6438024401611
    Color White
    Size 0,3 l
    Weight 0,27 kg
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    Pentik Collection

    An inspiring home can be created by combining Finnish handicrafts and the most beautiful discoveries from all around the world. The Pentik Collection brings our discoveries to Pentik stores and online shop. The products of the Pentik Collection are of high quality and complement the Pentik style. The Pentik Collection includes mostly furniture and basket products.

    Some Pentik products are designed in cooperation with our wonderful partners. For example, the entire selection of delicacies and sauna and bathroom products, such as lotions and soaps, are made by our skilled partners.

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