Usva Mug

Dark blue 0,35 l

The dark blue Usva mug takes your mid off to summer nights. Perhaps you will sip your evening tea from this mug as the summer night mist is rising over the meadows. Our ceramic mugs are very durable, and they are made in Finland.

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SKU: 12USV050061


  • 0,27 kg
  • 0,35 l

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    Material Ceramics
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    Handling instructions Not fast temperature changes, oven proof, microwave oven proof, freezer proof, rinse before dish washer wash, dishwasher proof, suitable for food
    EAN 6438024400119
    Color Dark blue
    Size 0,35 l
    Weight 0,27 kg
    Serie Usva


    Anu Pentik

    Anu is the founder of Pentik and an enthusiastic artist, who has directed Pentik's artistic and industrial development for 45 years. She dreams of the future and everything new she wants to see and feel. Anu is always ready for takeoff! She does not look back, but she lives here and now, waiting eagerly what happens next.

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