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Kati Rook, is the founder/owner of Nordic Decor, which is the sole importer and reseller of the Finnish brand PENTIK, in the Netherlands.

She moved from her native Finland to the Netherlands in 2016 with her Dutch husband and two cats. She opened her Pentik store in Utrecht in April 2017. She has loved and admired Pentik brand ever since a young girl and she considers it an honor to represent the brand in the Netherlands. She herself was born in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland and the nature that Pentik designs represent is very close to her heart.

She believes Pentik’s style of “gezellig Scandinavisch” with the magic of Lapland as a spice, fits well with the Dutch interior design tastes. In her Pentik store in Utrecht, she wishes to offer clients more than just beautiful products, but also an experience of the Nordic way of life and stories behind the products.


Nordic Decor

KvK 67851401
Established 19.01.2017, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Sole importer and seller of PENTIK brand in the Netherlands
Both Nordic Decor office and the PENTIK store are located in the same premises on Oudkerkhof 38, 3512GL, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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