Usva Napkin

Dark blue 33x33 cm

Beautiful napkins add the finishing touch to your table setting. Usva paper napkins are available in 33 x 33 cm size. Our paper napkins are made in Finland and Germany. We do not use any adhesives, solvents or finishing substances, so you can sort the napkins into burnable or biodegradable waste.
Usva Napkin

Usva Napkin


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SKU: 1SER1009U71


  • 0,12 kg
  • 33x33 cm

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    Material Paper
    Additional info N/A
    Handling instructions Can be destroyed by burning, can be destroyed with bio garbage
    EAN 6438024403271
    Color Dark blue
    Size 33x33 cm
    Weight 0,12 kg
    Serie Usva


    Liina Harju

    Liina is a sensualist, who is inspired by sensory experiences: colours, scents and materials that are durable and feel good. She thinks that creativity works best and flows naturally when it is not forced. If you can dream freely of something beautiful and good, you will also create something beautiful and good. Liina has a bachelor's degree from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (textile art and design major).

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